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Due Diligence

We provide private businesses, investors, professional advisers, corporate clients, entrepreneurs the business intelligence services they need.


Your business success goals should not be jeopardised by unknown or unquantified risk. Our corporate investigation services provides you with the due diligence and research  that will help you to make the right decision and minimize avoidable risks.


We respect your needs, understand your expectations and treat all briefs with utmost professionalism and confidentiality so as to deliver relevant and customized investigative reports


Financial Due Diligence

Our aim is to help you as an investor to understand the potential risks and opportunities in any deal and see if the deal is worthwhile before signing. 

hr Due Diligence

We will help you to verify employment contracts of employees’ (formal, informal, freelancers) and contractors’ details; Details of all compensations (monetary and non-monetary); details of employees’ health insurance plans and policies, etc.

legal Due Diligence

We will help you to scrutinize potential legal risks, inclusive of lawsuits, intellectual property details, contract genuineness, licenses, etc. before closing the deal.

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